Hello there,

my name is Tadeáš Peták, I am a software developer from the Czech Republic currently living in Malmö, Sweden.

I have been coding for a while and these are just some of the more interesting bits and pieces of my work that could be made public. If you would like to see more samples of what I've done, need help or just feel like it, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail to tadeaspetak@gmail.com.

What I know in short: Lately, I have enjoyed JavaScript a lot - OOP, frameworks (jQuery, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Backbone.js etc.) and different ways of using it on the web (Node.js, Express, Mongoose). I tend to get excited by the advancements in HTML5, CSS3 and its extensions (SASS, LESS etc.). I have been using PHP for ages (Nette and Zend frameworks mainly) and Java (Spring and Play frameworks) for a looong time too. I have built CMSs, parts of ERPs, websites, RESTful APIs, JavaScript plugins, desktop apps... Anyway, when it comes to databases, I am skilled in MySQL, MSSQL and MongoDB. I prefer Git over SVN (it has a lot more style).

Curriculum vitae

Google Maps Polygons

An extension of Google Maps API.

The extension allows users to create and manage polygons. It offers easily editable shapes, point snapping and more.

Source on GitHub, demos here.


A website running on Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, AngularJS and HTML5.

BiblioFair helps people share books from their home libraries with others and vice-versa. Written completely in JavaScript, it uses Node.js together with Express and MongoDB (with Mongoose) on the back end. Front end runs on AngularJS and as modern HTML and CSS as compatibility allows.

A semi-final draft of an article about how we use Mongoose to validate input at BiblioFair.com can be found here.

(BiblioFair is a non-profitable project that oficially came to life April 23rd, 2014. It currently has around 300 users.)


A jQuery plugin.

TableSelect is a jQuery plugin implementing a comfortable selection of table rows by mouse and keyboard.

Source on GitHub, demos here.

Sweden Loves Children

A website written in AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.

A project focused on children safety realized by the Swedish Embassy in the Czech Republic and Czech and Swedish partners (e.g. IKEA, Volvo, Thule). The front end is written in HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS. Angular was used because the speed was one of the main requests. The back end RESTful API is in PHP. The site is responsive (using media queries).


A website running on MySQL, PHP, Nette and jQuery.

Website of a bike rental company that specializes in old bikes and their reuse. The front end is a typical mash of HTML - CSS - JavaScript (jQuery). The back end is written in PHP, powered by Nette Framework. MySQL is the database of choice. It features a custom CMS as that was a customer's request.

(The project is currently partially on hold, only the Czech version of the website is completely functional.)

I have coded quite a few other web-sites, Domácí Těstoviny, AnimaHorti or Domov Seniorů TGM among others. But these - and a lot of the other ones - are in no way special with respect to the technologies used or the style they are made in.